10/19/2017: Third Prototype Building

Zongxi Huang

This week, we worked on the construction of the third prototype of our walker. Firstly, we decided use wood as the building material of this iteration. We also decided to implement the walking mechanism into this prototype. Furthermore, we also tried to attach the walking mechanism to a D.C. motor in order to test out the validity of the system. In addition to the motor, we also printed out mock-up legs that were meant to test the dimension of the legs and to prove the validity of the dimensions of our walking mechanism when attached to the legs. Finally, my partner also started on connected the motor to an Arduino in preparation for remote control of the motors. Unfortunately, the dimensions we started with were too short. Moreover, we realized we would have to build a horizontal platform for the motor to stay upstraight. Next week, we plan to complete this third prototype and move to building out final iteration.