5/10/2017: Presentation and feedback

Zongxi Huang

Today, we gave a presentation on the current progress of our project and received feedback on the current stage of our legged walker. According to the nuvu coaches, the rate at which our process of designing is good. Furthermore, we received positive feedback on our initial sketches and ideas. After our presentation, we were given a numbers of advices for what should be done in the near future. For instance, it was proposed that we should not linger with simulation of gears in fusion 360 and that we should print out the whole mechanism as soon as possible. In addition, it was proposed that we should start with building only one leg and make the final product slightly lower and wider. 

In future periods, I intent to apply these propositions. Depending on the time left for our project, we would make two separate leg designs for the front and rear leg or we would only copy and paste one single leg design for all four legs of our walker. Overall, today’s nuvu class was very useful in giving us a clearer vision of the future of our project.